What I Learned by Teaching Veterans

There is a group of individuals in our society who earned the name “veterans.” These are the brave men and women whom, many as young as 18 years old, have fearlessly protected our country, and several who have, unfortunately, sustained injuries or even died, fighting for our country. Some scars of those who come home are visible, some are not.

I am fortunate. I am a veteran as well and served my country for almost a decade. I enlisted during peacetime and peacetime hasn’t existed for our military in a long while. As a result, my commitment to this group of people is unrivaled like anything I have experienced in my life.

As a professional, I am a project consultant and I am a teacher. My passion is training and mentoring others so they can operate from their own greatness. I believe my passion is my God-given gift.  Recently, I taught a group of student veterans the practice of my profession – – project management.  And even though I have achieved much in my life and my career, teaching this class was one of my most rewarding highlights. How blessed am I that I can couple my profession and my passion for veterans into teaching skills which would allow veterans to obtain a well-paid and high in demand career if that is the path he or she chooses? I would say I am very blessed!

During the class, the acute skills of these men and women were evident. I was reminded too that I also learned these skills in my military training. The first thing I learned is how dedicated we are. We are always on time or early. We are leaders. Did you know that the government spends approximately $50 to $75K on each new military recruit training him or her how to be a leader? And as a reminder, most of these new service members are 18 years old! We supported one another throughout the class (using the military buddy system) and showed our learned “cool under fire” flexibility when the class was moved online when the school was closed due to weather. These are just a few examples of what military team members bring to the civilian world and these are the project managers I want to hire as a prospective employer!

There are so many avenues to hiring veterans by translating their military skills to civilian skills and getting them in the right careers. Careers in which they are more than qualified for and careers that put their knowledge to use. Send me an email today at des@desnelson.com to talk more about training and mentoring veterans and how to hire these well-deserved veterans.

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